What is ‘PTC Graphene Carbon Film’?

It is a floor heating that recreates the Korean cultural heritage ondol in a modern way.

It is a heating system that generates heat from carbon powder when electrical energy is introduced.

PTC Graphene Carbon Film

 : PTC graphene carbon heating film is a heating element in which graphene carbon powder is applied to a PET film, an electrode is made of both copper foils, and then laminated with a film

Characteristics of PTC 

 : PTC stands for Positive Temperature Coefficient, which means a smart product in which the heating element self-regulates its own temperature

PTC film heating allows the particles of the heater to act as a temperature sensor, and only detects the part where the temperature rises, controls the current in that part, and controls the amount of heat generated, thereby suppressing power consumption and preventing overheating 

In other words, if the temperature is too high, the resistance increases together, and the amount of current decreases, the temperature decreases, the resistance decreases, and the amount of current increases, which is a heating element based on the principle that heat restarts.

Characteristics of Self-controlled PTC Heater 

Super-power-saving energy system 

Characteristics of Graphene

Graphene is a layer of carbon atoms separated from graphite

Due to the nature of charcoal, it is a new material with functions such as antibacterial function, excellent thermal conductivity, and far-infrared emission

Advantages of Carbon Film Floor Heating 

1. Economic feasibility

 · 30% cheaper than electric heating and 60% cheaper than oil boilers

 · The construction cost is saved because it is easy to construct

 · You don't need a boiler room. You can save space

 · It can be used semi-permanently, so there is no re-installation cost

 · You can move the location and install it again

 · You can heat only the parts you want

 · Automatic and centralized control possible

2. Constructability

 · Construction is possible without expertise or skills

 · Thin and light, easy to transport and store

 · High-efficiency rapid heating

 · You can choose the finishing material freely

3. Health 

 · There is nothing harmful to the human body, such as new house syndrome and electromagnetic       waves

 · It raises the room temperature well with far-infrared radiant heat

 · have no smoke or noise 

 · It has a sound sleep, antibacterial, moisture-proof and soundproof effect

4. Far-infrared effect

 · Promoting growth

 · Maintaining the temperature of the human body at an appropriate temperature

 · Maintain proper moisture

 · It has a sound sleep, antibacterial, moisture-proof and soundproof effect

 · Promoting waste discharge and neutralizing odors, etc

· It provides a balanced supply of nutrients

· Decomposing various nutrients to balance nutrition and promote metabolic functions

Why HiHousing's PTC Graphene Carbon Film Is More Special  

1. Durability UP 

 The high specific surface area enough to cover an area of 2630㎡ per gram of graphene serves to improve the durability of the product.

It also has a strength of 200 times that of steel for increased durability.

It has excellent durability against local heat and moisture

2. Fast thermal conductivity 

 The product with the best heat conduction on earth is diamond

The product with 2 times faster heat conductivity than this diamond.

If each of the three types of film heating is installed in a room under the same conditions, the room with PTC graphene film heating will rise to the desired temperature the fastest.

3. Preventing current from leaking

One of the disadvantages of film heating is that a small amount of current can leak; PTC graphene film heating is a product with little current leakage.

PTC graphene film heating is highly adhesive, allowing the combination of PET to build a floor heating system with much less leakage current than conventional film heating.

4. Eco-friendly products 

Heating film products, which were widely used in the past, had to be well equipped with dust collection facilities due to the toxicity of chemicals during production, and the use of CA and BGA adversely affected the health of workers

It's believed to be crazy.

On the other hand, PTC graphene film heating is an eco-friendly product produced using PMA without using conventional CA and BGA.

5. Overheating prevention 

 The problem with film heating is definitely extreme heat.

If you lock up heat for a long time, extreme heat will occur, causing deformation of the film.

PTC graphene film solves both energy saving and overheating prevention.

PTC graphene film heating is very durable and can again show the electric heating properties in its original state.

6. Energy reduction 

 The most sensitive part for consumers who use film heating is "how much energy is saved compared to conventional products."

PTC graphene film heating has the advantage of saving 25% energy compared to basic film heating and uses graphene's fast thermal conductivity to reach the required temperature the fastest.