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[EPP Board Type]

· Suitable for remodeling buildings

· You can install floor heating relatively easily

· There is no noise or dust during construction

· The heat of the floor heating rises quickly

Order of construction

Installation sectional view

 Height of floor after installation 2.13cm


EPP board(insulation) Width 600 × 900 mm Thickness: 20 mm
▶ Insulation that prevents heat from going down to the floor to prevent heat loss and moisture.
heat conduction tube

1. Width 775 × 65 mm Thickness: 0.5 mm
2. Width 900 × 65 mm Thickness: 0.5  mm 
▶Excellent thermal conductivity.
▶ It can maximize cooling and heating efficiency.
Carbon fiber heating element 

Effective carbon fiber : 24K (24000 strands)
coating : Heat-resistant silicone
Electric capacity : 28w/1m, 504w(18m)/1 flat 

new material carbon fiber
▶ My fever: I don't ride in high temperature.
▶ durability: 1/5 light and more than 10 or more.
▶ flexibility: flexibility.
zinc steel sink
0.6 m (width) × 1.2 m (length) Thickness: 0.8 mm

▶ It makes it easy to install floor finishes (plates, decor tiles, etc.)

▶ It protects carbon fibers and can put heavy loads on them

4kw capacity thermostat

▶It is a front-fastening 4 kW thermostat.

▶You can adjust the temperature from 1 to 10 stages

▶It has a timer function

▶It can be used in various ways for electric heating products.

▶ Minimize power waste and prepare for safety accidents by preventing long-term use of high temperatures.

▶Apply PC ABS flame to prevent safety accidents due to heat resistance